funny relationship things

funny relationship things


I really do change the roll!


Also, I feel like I finally understand something about perspective with drawing the bed in this comic. Perspective always gives me trouble, and I never “studied” it, and usually I kind of like things being a little off. But I’ll admit, some basic cube work really does make a difference.

moon song and long long time

This song is from the movie Her, which I loved. At first the song feels romantic for me, about lovers. But while I’m singing it I keep thinking about my mom– imagining her on the moon, looking down at me, her shadow following me on Earth. Maybe visiting her in dreams, which I have yet to do.

The Moon Song – Karen O. – from the movie Her (on ukulele): 

And here’s another one I’ve been working on.

Long Long Time – Linda Ronstadt (on guitar): 

doing the best that i can

Baby Blue Sedan:

The World At Large: 

It’s still cold but I hear spring is coming next week.

It’s hard, but also great to be a human being, and I love it. Singing Modest Mouse songs today is feeling just right with the cold evening light.