Anna Moriarty Lev

I am a woman, mom, wife, but I am more than these things. I support equal rights for all people, especially those who are being marginalized and pushed down and even killed: immigrants, people of color, women, LGBTQ, indigenous people.

I make things. Mostly comics, but also portraits, paintings, still lifes, written stories, plays, dances, and more. I also made two humans. I love movies. I teach a comics workshop in the Berkshires.

It’s a tough time. I do not know all the right things to do. There is a lot I don’t know. I try. I’m raising my babies with all the feminist gusto I can muster: teaching them kindness, love, understanding, how to listen and ask questions.

My mom is dead. She was an artist.

Artistic Influences: Sylvia (Nicole Hollander), Archie Comics, Lynda Barry, David Mack, Richard Brautigan, Sarah Polley, Viola Moriarty, Phoebe Moriarty Lev, coffee, birds, Adrian Tomine, Julia Wertz, Gabrielle Bell, Jean-Luc Godard, Ozu, Kelly Reichert, Jack Kerouac, Sheila Heiti, Karen O., Lucinda Williams, Bruce Springsteen, typewriters, windows, Gilmore Girls.

The name “Lev Hardware” comes from my grandfather’s hardware store which used to be in North Adams, MA. It’s my way of carrying on the “family business.”

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Anna,

    I wonder if you would consider submitting a new cancer cartoon to the Ultra Sounds blog? I think it would be a welcome addition to our current submissions (I try to interweave lighter with heavier – not that your cartoons are poofy or anything, but you know what I mean). Your cartooning style is different than any of the other ones that we have on the blog – I love the way you use pen and ink.

    Thanks for considering this and thanks also for linking your page to my blog.

    All the best


    • I would love to submit a cartoon! I am working on some new things, and as soon as I have something completed I will submit.

      Thank you!!
      And I am really enjoying your recent posts.

  2. Hi Anna!
    I tried like a dickens to find your email but I couldn’t find it so I’m just leaving this here! I signed up to take your comics workshop and I’m very excited. However I’m also a full time student at MCLA and I was just wondering what kind of work load I can expect 🙂


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