Well, here I am back from the good ol’ windy city. The trip was awesome. My mom and I really made a vacation out of our few days– we saw a lot of the city, and had some fun mother-daughter time just the two of us. We took the train overnight (15 hours), stayed in a hostel, explored different neighborhoods, took over the Chicago Art Institute, and oh yeah, went to my AWP reading.

First thing we did upon arriving and getting settled was to head over to Quimby’s. In case you are not aware, Quimby’s is one of the absolute coolest comic books stores ever. If you live in Chicago, or are visiting, go there. They have a lovely selection of indie mini comics, and now my own comics can be counted among the selection: Shelf Life issues #1-3 and Art Bitch are in stock.

The reading took place at Simone’s Bar in the Pilsen area on Thursday night, March 1st. Mama and I got there early to scope out good seats and snack on the delicious hand-cut french fries and sweet potato fries. The reading was hosted by six small presses: Bateau, Burnside Review, Interrupture, Rose Metal Press, Slope Editions and Versal. I was representing Bateau, along with Chuck Carlise and Ryan Flaherty. There was a lot of poetry, and some flash fiction as well. I read five short stories, two of which have been published (in Bateau and Toasted Cheese Literary Journal) and three that are newer and not yet published. The large crowd was wonderful, the readers lovely and it was a very welcoming and positive experience for me. I got to meet Ashely Shaffer, editor of Bateau, which was such a treat! (Little plug here: if you haven’t read Bateau, you should order an issue, because it’s the sweetest, coolest, prettiest little press you ever did see. I am honored to have been published twice by them– in issues 4.2 and 3.1.)

Here is a video my mom took of me reading.

We also sketched some of the other readers, but I’m having trouble with my scanner, so will post those at a later date.

And lastly, here are some photos from the trip:


Of course, spending time with my mom always ignites cartoon ideas, so look out for some Chicago-inspired Art Bitch comics coming soon…

5 thoughts on “Chicago

  1. Nice red lipstick! Yowzaaa
    I love the Alice painting, and the picture of Mama next to it. Your reading is awesome and it makes me think about how poets used to always tape themselves reading out loud and the different ways of taking in a story.
    You are the coolest and I am so very inspired by you!

  2. I loved our trip to Chicago together! The highlight (of course!) was you reading your magnificent stories. Nightbirds is still my all time fav! I, too, am continually inspired by you.


  3. Anna,

    Just watched the video of you reading at Simone’s, and was so impressed. I particularly loved the final short story, (and was happy to hear Night Birds out loud, which I’ve read, but never heard!) You are AMAZING!!! Can’t wait to see some of the comics that come from the trip.

    And so happy that you and your mom had such a cool trip together. xo jory

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