throwing up

18 throwing up

At the beginning of my pregnancy, I didn’t have much nausea and didn’t vomit at all. As I approached the end of the first trimester however, “morning” sickness suddenly kicked in. Every car ride no matter how short, many nights before bed or in the middle of the night, in the morning if I don’t eat right away, the very thought or smell of spinach… stomach lurches and I think, uh oh, here it comes. I run to the toilet, kneel down, and settle in for a terrible few minutes. I do anything I can to prevent it. But sometimes I just know it’s coming and won’t be stopped.

My funniest throw up story is from a weekend in Burlington visiting my dear pal Jory. The long winding drive and rich Italian food had caught up with me as we lay in bed together, her already fast asleep, and me sweating with the knowledge that everything in my stomach was about to come back up. I creeped quietly to the bathroom, which one of her roommates was already occupying. I stood outside the door in pitch blackness, hand over my mouth, contemplating my back up plan of the kitchen sink. Finally, the roommate, whom I had not yet met, came out and I blurted, “Hi!” before running in, pulling the door shut, and throwing myself onto the floor in front of the toilet.