smokey, etc.

I learned Wilco’s “Jesus, Etc.” on ukulele and recorded it, changing “Jesus” to “Smokey.” For my baby.

some rainy day fall singing

This song is called Playing Dead, by Breathe Owl Breathe and here is my cover on ukulele:


oh boy (self portrait with shelf behind me)

Here’s a song and a self portrait. I first heard the song in the movie The Great Beauty (which just won best Foreign Language Film at the Oscars and really is a movie worth checking out). The scene in which the song plays is right after someone dies and the main character, Jep, is in a cafe and each person he looks at moves in slow motion and is a little bit strange. One woman takes his hand and says, “Who’s going to take care of you now?” Right after my mom died that’s how it felt to walk into a room. It still feels that way, maybe not every time, but often, and sometimes it’s almost too much to keep walking into rooms.

My cover of Everything Trying by Damian Jurado: 


oh boy