eating, eating all the time


As soon as I finish eating, I want to eat again. I don’t know if it’s the baby getting bigger in these last weeks, needing more calories, or if it’s just comfortable to eat a bunch of small things one after the other all day. Eating right before bed helps me to rest. I don’t really sleep much, but I can stay in bed longer in the morning if my stomach isn’t growling. I don’t think a lot about what I’m eating further than what feels right in the moment. It’s all I can do. Sometimes if I see a picture of something, like pancakes, then I HAVE TO HAVE PANCAKES as soon as possible. Or the baby will tell me what he wants, which is often cheese or toast or popcorn or something sweet but undefinable.

sleep patterns

Another story by my dear, sweet, exhausted husband. He sketched this one into my journal the other night as I was falling asleep on the couch, my head on his shoulder. This scenario happens pretty much every night.

sleep patterns

I’m so tired all the time, but once I’m in bed and try to sleep I wake up and just want to tell Greg every single thing on my mind.