women & things

I have a new exhibit of paintings going up at Images Cinema next week. If you are local, stop by and see them during the month of August, anytime the cinema is open. There will be an opening reception on Friday August 4, 5:00-6:30pm.

Women & Things
(acrylics on canvas board)
We are here and we hold things in our hands. Those things are tools or coffee or other types of items that we use for making and doing. 
I am a woman, mom, wife– but I am more than these things. I make stuff. Mostly comics, but also portraits, paintings, still lifes, written stories, plays, dances. I also made a human. I love movies. I teach a comics workshop. 
This is a tough time. I do not know all the right things to do and there is a lot I don’t know. I try. I’m raising my little baby with all the feminist gusto I can muster: teaching him kindness, love, understanding, how to listen and ask questions. 
My mom is dead. She was also an artist, a painter. Making these paintings is a kind of calling out to her. 
art bitch

Art Bitch, NFS



Romance, $250

woman in kitchen.jpg

Woman in Kitchen, $250


typewriter & books.jpg

Typewriter & Books, $250


phoebe in red.jpg

Phoebe in Red Sweatshirt with Red Mug, NFS


phoebe painting.jpg

Phoebe Painting, NFS

yellow dress.jpg

Yellow Dress, $250


self-portrait at taco place.jpg

Self-Portrait at Taco Place, NFS


coffee and tools.jpg

Coffee & Tools, $150


iced coffee & arm.jpg

Iced Coffee & Arm, $150


pencil sharpener,coffee, pens.jpg

Pencil Sharpener, Coffee, Pens, $150


jar & norebook.jpg

Jar & Notebook, $150






portraits of women i know

Women friends are very important to me. These portraits are mostly of local ladies who’ve come into my life in the past 5.5 years, with the exception of “Phoebe” who is my sister and has always been my best friend. Each of these women is beautiful and does important work for their community. Each of them is an artist (with food, animals, the land, plants, homemade beauty products, pottery, sewing, books, printing, photography, movies, drawing, painting, dancing, love, life). Each of them has touched my heart. Each of them inspires me. Each of them sat in front of me and let me look at them and translate what I saw onto paper.

(click on each image to see it larger.)

I’ll hopefully be exhibiting these somewhere at some point in the fall or winter.

drawing while moming

This is the first drawing I made after giving birth:

phoebe & smokey.jpeg

I drew it from a photo taken of my sister cuddling with Giles on the couch. It feel so good to start doing art while being a mom since for the first few weeks I just focused on mom-ing. It’s a beautiful thing to fully be a mom, at home with Giles, completely in the moment with him. But it’s also important for me to find a way to do both art and parenting. I want to find my own way of doing this, of doing both things and letting them inform each other.

Several years ago a person I worked with said to me, seeming to read my mind, “When a woman artist has a child, it deepens her art.” At the time I was 23 or 24, already knowing I wanted this life. That statement feels even more true now that I am here.

My first portrait of Giles:

first giles portrait

Giles is right next to me as I post this, cozy in his Rock N Play, sucking on his pacifier, watching me.

holiday shopping

If you’re working on your holiday shopping, here are some ideas:

Comic Books

Tote Bags

Custom Drawings (FYI: I make custom holiday portraits which you can use as your holiday card to send to all your friends and family– a fun, artsy alternative to the traditional holiday photo.)

Cat Cards will be available soon!

Support your local artists! Buy cool stuff that people make!

IMG_7268 Cats like portraits too!




post – MoCCA

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and bought comics! I got to meet some lovely people, make connections, trade comics and just generally have a good exhibiting experience.  Super thanks to Justin and Sophia for hosting us. Special thanks to our table mate Hillary Blair, my buddy across the aisle Jeffrey Lewis, brave chicken Nina Frenkel, and finally John Jennison, the Van Der Jagts, and that little kid in the skull shirt for being my favorite customers.

(and even special-er thanks to Phoebe and Greg for being my people/helpers/support/travel buddies ❤ )

And it was so great to see all my NYC friends!

Some photos from the weekend:

Little sketches I made at MoCCA:

Some stuff I got:

Family Portraits

Drawings I did while in Colorado (click on each image to see larger):

commissioned portraits

I love drawing people. There’s a special relationship that’s created by studying a person’s face and body language and translating that onto a piece of paper. I feel like a little piece of that person comes through my eyes-brain-hand, taking a part of me with it, living and breathing on the page.

If you’d like to commission a portrait, please contact me at annamolev@gmail.com. I can work from a photo, or set up an in-person session if you live locally. You will receive the original drawing and a scanned digital file of the image (so you can post it on Facebook, make a unique holiday card or valentine, etc.). I generally work with black, greys and a limited color pallete. I use a combination of pencils, micron pens, ballpoint pens, markers and colored pencils. All portraits are done on bristol board.

If you live locally, you can still get your portrait done by Christmas! For non-locals, I cannot guanratee how long shipping will take. But remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…plus, birthdays, anniversaries, or a gift for yourself. 

Price List (add $3 for shipping)

9 x 12”, from a photo: $25

9 x 12”, in person: $40

4.5 x 6”, from a photo: $15

4.5 x 6”, in person: $30

Here are some examples of portraits I’ve done so you can see my style:

fashion portrait 2A Little Tune Up-1heidalas 1heidi and olivia

TAC holiday card

portrait of my dad in his office

I always liked going into work with my parents. There’s something really special about it, being in their offices or classrooms, eating microwave popcorn, meeting their coworkers, seeing how their desks were set up…

I got to see my dad’s current office for the first time yesterday. I experienced that same feeling of being a child going to work with him, and of course snuck several mints from his candy jar.