portrait of my dad at French Roast

My dad and I went to New York for the day recently. We saw two movies, had breakfast at French Roast, lunch at Ray’s Pizza, and dinner at Shake Shack. It was a great day.

pops at french roast

sister portrait – amelia and abby

Amelia (the one wearing glasses) is an artist and a good friend of mine who just left on a road trip to move to Texas. I miss her already. Abby is her sister, who is moving to New York. Both women are in the midst of transition. It was a joy to draw them together for this portrait.

Amelia and Abby

couples therapy

This comic by Sara Lautman was published on The Hairpin yesterday, and it is quite wonderful. Sara and I were apartment-mates for a time in Brooklyn, along with our then-significant others (not the one featured in the comic).

The first time I met her she was wearing a sailor shirt, and we were at Sidewalk Cafe in Manhattan; the band she was in with my then-boyfriend was playing a show there.

Here is my attempt at a sketch of Sara with her wild red hair:

sara lautman