a very long embrace

This morning I’m drinking my homemade latte (frothed up by microwaving the milk and whisking it, just how Mama used to make it) and reading a short story written by my sister, Phoebe. I’ve read it before, when she first wrote it, and it’s stuck to me ever since. In fact, I’m in love with this story.

But today I’m reading it on The Blue Hour, where it’s published for all the world to see. It’s called A Very Long Embrace.

phoebs I love you, Phoebs, and am so proud of you.


fish dreams redux

I am re-releasing Fish Dreams! With brand new art by my sister, Phoebe! The new Fish Dreams will premiere at MoCCA Fest 2013 in NYC.

FD-1 Phoebe’s collage-drawings are super beautiful. Get your ticket now, and come visit our exhibitor’s table! Besides Fish Dreams, I’ll also be selling Shelf Life and some new mini comics: Hospital Daze and A Little Tune Up. Hope to see you there!