Yesterday was my birthday and I turned 29.

I made this drawing of my sister on Skype:

skyping with phoebe on my birthday


I planted some herbs, did some writing, had lunch with my dad, swam in the river, made a pizza, and watched a movie with my fiancee.

And here’s another Paris drawing, I forgot to post it with the others: view accross the seine



I’m getting married. I say this to myself several times a day, feeling the words in my mouth, hearing how they sound in different rooms. I’ve found the person I want to build a life with, and he found me, and big things are beginning. Lots of different types of days.

We got engaged in Paris– a secret trip he’d planned for a long time. It’s a place I’ve always wanted to visit, and it was a dream.

I wish my mom was here– I wish that every moment of every day, but I also wish it specifically for this, because it’s a big thing, and I’m so excited, and it would be so much fun to be excited about this with her.

Here are some drawings I did in Paris (click image to see larger):

And here are a few photos:

new lady comics and bras

It’s such a pleasure to come across a new webcomic that I didn’t know about before, especially when there’s a full archive of comics for me to scroll through and read. Especially if it’s done by a lady cartoonist. And especially if it’s really good. Today such a delight occurred!

I discovered Esther C. Weridger’s comic on The Hairpin. Here is a link to my favorite one so far. Her style reminds me of Sylvia by Nicole Hollander, a comic which I hold near and dear to my heart.

And now….another underwear comic! Happy Mother’s Day yesterday! Love you Mama.