making life, making art

As spring finally starts coming in the door, I can feel myself exhale. Winter was hard. I’m so tired of being cold, of the dark and grey days, of wearing boots and coats and hats. I want to feel air on my skin and walk outside without being huddled, face aimed down at the icy ground. I know my new life is waiting to begin. Something has been percolating– ideas, freshness, sparks. I’m surrounded by my old life everywhere, and nothing seems right because my mom is missing. I want to start a new life.

So, part of that is making the old things new. Two weeks in a row I’ve gone to life drawing, something I always did with my mom before she died. I’m trying to make it my own thing now.

20150327_125400   20150327_125419    20150327_12543620150327_125426

new nudes

First of all, happy birthday Mama!

It’s been a busy summer and I hadn’t been able to go to my weekly life drawing group in a LONG time and last night was my first night back. Often when I haven’t been in a while my drawings don’t come out very good, because my life drawing muscles haven’t been exercised. But sometimes that freshness of not having been works really well. Last night was great! Not only did it feel so good to be there but I also have some drawings that I’m really proud of. Here are my favorites (click on each image to see it bigger):