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Today I was interviewed on the community radio station in North Adams for a show called Creative City. I got to talk about my art and my life, how they inspire each other, and promote my upcoming comics class ( for more info and to register).

It felt really good to talk about what I do. I’m proud of my life, and it’s validating to be interviewed on a radio show and have someone besides me refer to me as an Artist. It’s important to remember that I work, and it’s good work, even if it’s not a “regular” job. It’s a “real” job and I love it.

My mom and I used to discuss our lives as artists all the time– how we balance time/money/desires and manage the business side of art. I loved talking about that stuff with her. I don’t get to talk about it that much anymore. Not the way she and I would talk about it. I’ve never found another art friend like my mom, and I don’t expect to.

I miss her.

I wish she could’ve been with me on the radio today, talking about her art life. I can’t really talk about mine without talking about hers too.

My dad and Giles listened to the show from the lobby of the station while we were broadcasting. Julia played a couple of my song recordings, one of which was the “Giles Fox” song. My dad held Giles up so he could stand on the floor in front of the radio, and he danced.


i’m teaching a comics workshop!

me drawing comix

Guys! I’m teaching a comics workshop! Autobiographical Comics, with IS183 of the Berkshires:

Comics serve as a powerful tool for exploring our experiences and sharing our stories, using both image and text. In this course we will start with some basics of graphic storytelling: panel structure, rhythm, and the relationship between words and pictures, building towards each student creating their own autobiographical comic. Using examples from contemporary cartoonists, along with group exercises, you will have the chance to experiment and find your voice as you work towards a final project.

Price: $140
Member Price: $120
Lesson Info: Tuesdays, 6 to 8PM February 23 to March 22 (5 Meetings) Location: exPRESS Gallery, North Adams
Department: Graphic Storytelling
Instructors: Anna Moriarty-Lev
First Lesson: Tue, Feb 23 2016

This course is for ANYONE who wants to make comics. Beginners are HIGHLY encouraged. No previous drawing experience needed. If you want to make comics and you have a story to tell, this class is for you.

I passionately believe that anyone can make comics. You don’t need expensive supplies, or any kind of art training. What you do need is a desire to tell a story with words and pictures. And you need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. That’s it.

Telling our own stories is a deeply human desire, and it’s how we learn about what it means to be human. Making comics can be a really fun and healing way to process your own experience. Whether it’s something difficult you’re going through, or just funny moments with your friends and family, making comics about it creates a window into your specific viewpoint.

Let’s make comics!