A Little Tune Up part 4

Part 4 takes place about 6 weeks after part 3, when my Aunt Theresa was in town visiting. She came with us for our follow-up MRI after the radio-surgery that took place in part 3.

A Little Tune Up part 4Will be posting parts 5 and 6 as soon as possible!



Here’s a sneak preview of a longer comic story I’m working on called “Hospital Daze” about our trip to Dartmouth-Hitchcock for Mama’s recent stereotactic radiation.  The thing on her head is called a “frame” and was used for the radiation. She had to wear it all day. She was on some good pain meds, and when we asked how she felt after they placed the frame (which involved putting four pins into her skull) she said:

More of “Hospital Daze” coming soon.