Farewell Apt. Drawings #2

(See #1: work space)

Second installment of my farewell apartment drawings: the bathroom. I’d never drawn a bathroom before and I kept putting it off thinking it was going to be too hard for me, with all that perspective and the toilet, the tub, etc. Just too much! But then it came to me rather easily, as I looked at the space and moved the pencil on the paper. I love when drawing is like that: the drawing is already there– I am just excavating it with pen and pencil.

(ps – the “cat art” is by Katie Armstrong.)

Farewell Apt. Drawings #1

I’m moving next week! My new apartment is a 2 minute walk from this one, so not a huge move, but this place has been really important for me. For the past 9 months I’ve been living in my very first alone apartment, and that has changed my life in a way. Or maybe several ways. It’s a beautiful place, and I have loved living here.

While I’ve already done several drawings of things in this apartment, this week I am making some drawings with the intent of farewell. I want to acknowledge leaving this place. Where I grew up a little and discovered a lot.

So, here’s #1. It’s of my “work space.” Which is something I have rearranged many times in this one room studio, and only very recently settled on this arrangement, but I think it’s the best one.