my love affair with coffee


It started when I was seven years old. My parents drank Taster’s Choice Instant Coffee back then and kept a green jar of decaf just for me. Lots of milk and sugar. Then when I got older Mama and I would make lattes together, heating the milk and frothing it with a whisk, making Cafe Bustelo espresso on the stove in the Italian espresso pot. Cafes in New York, diners, all my favorite little spots to sit and drink and write and draw. Coffee on trains across the country. Coffee in San Francisco, and New York again. Coffee back at home with  Mama, whisking the milk, sprinkling cinnamon on top. Coffee by myself. For the year between my engagement and marriage I saved all those yellow and red Cafe Bustelo cans and used them as flower vases on the tables at the wedding.

Now Greg makes coffee, setting it up the night before in our new coffee maker so it will be ready at the right time in the morning. He brings me a cup in bed before he leaves for work.