fashion portrait #4

This is my second fashion portrait of a Whit Stillman character, but I can’t help it! I recently watched “The Last Days of Disco” for the first time, and loved it. I adore pretty much all the outfits in the film, but this red dress Chloe Sevigny (as Alice) wears in the final scene– dancing in the subway car– might be my favorite.

 drawn with ballpoint pen and colored pencil in my small moleskin journal.

Submissions are always open for fashion portrait subjects. Send me a photo– I’ll draw and post it!

fashion portrait #1

I’m starting a new regular post of fashion drawings.

This first one is of Greta Gerwig in Damsels in Distress. Damsels is my favorite movie of 2012 so far– it’s the weird girl movie I’d been waiting for, and I danced every night in the projection booth during the dance scenes. And the ladies wear fabulous outfits, especially Greta’s character, Violet, pictured here in a light blue and white striped dress and orchid pink cardigan. Drawn in ballpoint pen.

If you have an outfit you love/look & feel awesome in, email me a photo. Tell me what you love about it, or a story about where the clothes came from. I’ll draw it and post it!

art bitch: cancer crossover

When we go to the hospital in Brattleboro we like to make a day of it: thrift stores, eating out at a cool place, just having a fun day trip instead of driving all that way just to go to a hospital appointment. Mama is really good at finding the fun in everything, and I actually end up enjoying these days. (The two dresses look awesome on her, and my dad even found a cool shirt.) There is also a restaurant where they make an amazing chocolate martini that is a staple of these trips.