holiday shopping

If you’re working on your holiday shopping, here are some ideas:

Comic Books

Tote Bags

Custom Drawings (FYI: I make custom holiday portraits which you can use as your holiday card to send to all your friends and family– a fun, artsy alternative to the traditional holiday photo.)

Cat Cards will be available soon!

Support your local artists! Buy cool stuff that people make!

IMG_7268 Cats like portraits too!





self-portrait in orange hoodie (and more David Mack)

self-portrait in orange hoodieIn another reference to David Mack’s beautiful comic book, Kabuki (which I am re-reading, again)– I am wearing a mask. Sometimes it’s on so tight I forget it’s a mask and not my real face.

Reading as healing:

“I opened the book and I was a child again. As I close it, I find that I am the new me. I guess that’s what books do. Take you places. Move you. Inside. And out. You are at a different place after you read the book…Than you were before you read it. In many ways…A different person…As well.” ~ Kabuki

“Do you think books help shape your identity? Or do they only reveal it?” ~ The Animal Doctor

Both quotes are from David Mack’s Kabuki, The Alchemy