the other side of the world

20160107_131913We went to Chile, my dad and I, to visit my sister, Phoebe. She lives in Futaleufu, in the Patagonia region which is way down south. I was nervous to travel so far while pregnant but Smokey did great and so did I.



I love seeing Phoebe’s life. She’s made such a beautiful one.


Of course we made art together. I sketched while Phoebe painted murals in her new house, we made a mosaic together in the kitchen.


Here’s Phoebe working on her mural, looking just like our  mom.

There’s a kind of magic when we’re all together.



How much does place matter, where we live? What is home? I think about these questions a lot.


Phoebe in her greenhouse, and below is her garden on her land. 12494872_10100336620337287_7091185328840765845_n










Some of my drawings from the trip:


And now it’s time to begin my new beginning. It’s 2016. I’m leaving my job in six weeks. My baby will be born in four months. A whole new life full of unknowns.

learning is fun, and so are worms

Lombricultura title

I’ve been doing some DIY instructional comics! This is a new kind of drawing work for me, and it’s been very interesting. I get to learn while drawing!

My sister, Phoebe, who lives down in the Patagonia region of Chile, asked me to illustrate a handout about Vermicomposting, or Lombricultura in Spanish. Basically it’s composting in a bin with worms, dirt, paper, and food. Phoebe is on the Committee for Environmental Education for the 10th Region of Chile, and they organize summer and winter schools for all the environmental educators in the region. This year she did a workshop on integrating compost, planting in vertical gardens, and eco-bricks into the classroom. Here are a few of the drawings I did for the handout:

tierra y papel mojado   collander   no sobrealimentar   what worms eat


this one’s for phoebe

I’m back from Chile, and there’s lots to tell, but for now here’s two songs.

The first is for Phoebe and she knows why: 

IMG_1201 IMG_1147IMG_1135

This next one is because I finally saw Inside Llewyn Davis and I think it’s one of the best portraits of trying to survive as a professional artist that I’ve seen and the music is really beautiful: 

20140125_162017 We saw Llewyn Davis at The Mayan in Denver