a couple of one-panels

Phoebe hula-hooping:

phoebe hula hooping

Me at work in February:

worries one panel

Both of these one-panel comics will be part of my eventual big cancer comic book.



all the things that led me here

intro part 1

intro part 2This is sort of a working introduction to the eventual book of all my cancer comics. What do you guys think?


waking up suddenly

Last night during the thunderstorm I woke up several times to the loud crack of lightening and it was one of those nights where my head just kept spinning. It was also a beautiful storm and sometimes I like that kind of fear from the earth being so big and powerful. Earlier in the day I walked home as big heavy raindrops crashed down on me and it felt glorious.

This is a comic I first sketched out in February, when I had a lot of difficulty sleeping. It was just barely less than two months before my mom died.

waking up suddenly

cancer comics

I’ve been a regular reader of xkcd for quite a while, and while I often don’t understand the math humor ones, I’m a pretty big fan of the comic. This recent one touches me particularly, and I wanted to share.

If anyone has other cancer web-comics, please share them with me. Comics are the best way for me to express and share what I’m going through with my mom’s cancer, and I like to see what other people are doing.