Weaning was hard. We started when Giles was nine months old. It was slow, and difficult, and most of all, emotionally exhausting. The guilt, the ups and downs of my moods, the crying and feeling all the things. It took us so long just to choose which formula to get. I held Giles in my arms, giving him a bottle of formula for the first time, tears pouring out of my eyes and a beer in my hand.

The hardest part was one week after I nursed for the last time. Suddenly my emotions hit me. Hard. Every half hour or so I sobbed uncontrollably. Nothing specific would set off the crying jags, and I couldn’t stop them. It was almost like I was immediately postpartum again, with roller coaster emotions and hormones.

Apparently there is a thing called “Post Weaning Depression.” Once I figured this out (through a mixture of online research, texts with Berkshire Nursing Families, and a friend), I felt a lot better, just knowing it was normal. After a couple weeks my hormones leveled out.

But there was a period of time when I felt so awful and didn’t understand it.

It takes our bodies and minds a very long time to balance out after giving birth. I don’t know how long because after a year things are still changing. Maybe I will be living in a transitional state for the rest of my life. Maybe we are always in a transitional state.

And we never get out bodies “back.” That is not a thing. We only move forward.



new lady comics and bras

It’s such a pleasure to come across a new webcomic that I didn’t know about before, especially when there’s a full archive of comics for me to scroll through and read. Especially if it’s done by a lady cartoonist. And especially if it’s really good. Today such a delight occurred!

I discovered Esther C. Weridger’s comic on The Hairpin. Here is a link to my favorite one so far. Her style reminds me of Sylvia by Nicole Hollander, a comic which I hold near and dear to my heart.

And now….another underwear comic! Happy Mother’s Day yesterday! Love you Mama.