my becoming (at images cinema)

Ce_UPQAW8AEt858.jpg-large.jpeg This is a photo of me at the opening reception for my current exhibit: My Becoming. The description I hung on the wall reads as follows:

I am about to have a baby. As of this show hanging I am eight months pregnant– my due date is May 7, a week after I take the show down.

This is my first exhibit as an unemployed person. That is to say, I am now a Full Time Artist, my dream of many years. I am grateful for these two months as a full time artist, as I prepare to share that with the role of Full Time Mom. From December 1, 2010 until March 1, 2016 I worked right here at Images Cinema, during the most critical years of my adult life thus far. After leaving New York City and breaking my own heart (it needed to be broken, to let the light in) I moved in with my parents in Bennington for a year, before finding my own place in Williamstown. I found a community here, because of Images, and I stayed, so much longer than I planned to, because there was work to be done on my own self.

During these five-plus years some important things happened: My mom’s cancer resurfaced, and then she died. I met my husband (our first kiss happened right here in this cinema). I got married. I got pregnant.

Starting as a film projectionist, trained under the inimitable Dave Blair, I worked in the little booth upstairs; the most magical place in Williamstown if you ask me. That’s the best job I’ve ever done, something I am very proud and honored to have been a part of. As the theater transitioned to digital projection at the end of 2012 I transitioned to working in the box office, as well as the business office processing memberships and donations, along with learning and taking control of the digital projection system. I’ve been a part of history here, in this 100 year old, continuously run movie theater, something I am incredibly grateful for.

I’ve worked with some really special people here at Images, it’s been an honor to share this space with them. You know them– they program the films, sell you tickets and popcorn, smile when they see you, answer questions, create a unique and lovely movie-going experience, and clean up when you leave. I’m grateful for the work they do, and to have been part of it. Thanks for keeping the magic alive, guys.

These pieces are a mix of drawing and watercolor, little windows into my life. Each one is a different kind of self portrait: coffee cups are me, lemons and cat and wine and mixer.

From Pablo Neruda’s Ode to Things:

Many things conspired
To tell me the whole story.
Not only did they touch me,
Or my hand touched them:
They were
So close
That they were a part of my being,
They were so alive with me
That they lived half my life
and will die half my death.

Okay. Now I’ll waddle my pregnant body into the theater with my large popcorn and sit in the dark and dream some dreams.

Anna Moriarty Lev, April 2016

my becoming, self portrait.jpgmixer and wine bottle.jpgburgers and fries.jpgcitrus fruits.jpgflowers.jpgcats.jpgunnamed-1.jpgunnamed-3.jpg



dancer drawings exhibit

My exhibit at the ’62 Center in Williamstown, MA
Dancing and drawing are two of my favorite things, and it’s been a joy to combine them in this project. I’ve been auditing Janine‘s ballet classes for several semesters, which has been transformative for me inside and out. While drawing the dancers, I can feel the movements in my own body as I put them down on paper. The water color pieces were done from life, while the more detailed line drawings were done from photographs I took during rehearsals. I wanted to both express movement and capture the beauty of the poses.
Here’s a close-up of my outfit in the bathroom:
 flower dress in bathroom
This dress was originally short and tight– I remade it to fit me better. The shoes were my mom’s. Click on each of the images below to see them larger.


art reception photos

IMG_0334 Last night was the reception for my current art show at Images Cinema. It was a great turn-out, and three pieces are sold so far! My wonderful sister Phoebe took these photos. I think they give a good impression of the night, and have kind of liveliness to them.



Here are all the drawings in my January art show, “Interiors,” now hanging at Images Cinema. Come see the show in person! There will be a reception on Monday, January 21st at 5:30pm.

marcia with cat and cup

Marcia with Cat and Cup, $150

tulips, brooklyn, red lamp

Tulips with Brooklyn Mug and Red Lamp, $150

pink tulips with striped cup

Pink Tulips with Striped Cup, not for sale

lady lamp

Lady Lamp, $150

pink water flowers

Pink Water Flowers, sold!

Spring St Bathroom

Spring St. Bathroom, $150

Spring St Work Space

Spring St. Work Space, $150

Millie's Chair

Millie’s Chair, $150

All drawings are framed for the show, and can be purchased with or without the frame. They are just cheap frames though, not professional quality, so you may want to reframe after purchasing. If you live in the area, I reccommend Joyce Kennedy Framing, as she is the best framer I know.

january art show

To start the new year off right, I will be having an art show in the lobby of Images Cinema for the month of January. This group of drawings is called “Interiors,” and many of them will be for sale. Here are some of the pieces that will be in the show:

Spring St Bathroompink water flowersMillie's ChairSpring St Work Space


/ɪnˈtɪər i ər/ [in-teer-ee-er] adjective

1. being within; inside of anything; internal; inner; further toward a center: the interior rooms of a house.
2. of or pertaining to that which is within; inside: an interior view.

small things, opening reception


Hey, I’m having a show! It’s called small things and is a series of mostly black and white ink drawings of small objects and moments from daily life. Come check it out in the Images Cinema lobby starting Wednesday evening after I hang it.

And come check out the opening reception: Friday, April 6, 2012, 5:00 – 6:30pm in the Images lobby (50 Spring Street, Williamstown, MA.)

I will also have some comics and small signed prints for sale. Get ’em while they’re hot!