in the booth #3

Hey y’all, here’s In the Booth #3! Guest starring my best friend Shana!! (the rootbeer really is as good as it looks.)

I will be posting new comics and stuff soon, I’ve just been really busy! But here’s a bit of good news: a new writing piece of mine is going to be published in an online magazine! I am really excited about that, and am working on some illustrations for it as well. As soon as it’s officially published I will post the link here.


in the booth

I’ve been doing some little movie review videos with my friends Janet and Brendan (newlyweds! aw) called “In The Booth.” Janet films them, Brendan and I rate the movies and say what we think. We shoot them in the Images Cinema projection booth (where I work). So far we have done two:

Your Sister’s Sister

Safety Not Guaranteed

We are making them every week! The reviews are of whatever movie is currently showing at Images. Enjoy! We’re kind of cute.

Farewell Apt. Drawings #1

I’m moving next week! My new apartment is a 2 minute walk from this one, so not a huge move, but this place has been really important for me. For the past 9 months I’ve been living in my very first alone apartment, and that has changed my life in a way. Or maybe several ways. It’s a beautiful place, and I have loved living here.

While I’ve already done several drawings of things in this apartment, this week I am making some drawings with the intent of farewell. I want to acknowledge leaving this place. Where I grew up a little and discovered a lot.

So, here’s #1. It’s of my “work space.” Which is something I have rearranged many times in this one room studio, and only very recently settled on this arrangement, but I think it’s the best one.

fashion portrait #5: cowgirl boots

 micron pen, walnut ink, colored pencil and brush pen on card stock

My cowgirl boots are my favorite shoes. The ones that make me feel kick-ass. When I need to feel brave and inside I’m really a chicken, I wear my cowgirl boots. They were passed down to me from my mom, who is the cowgirl queen. My sister is the other cowgirl princess and she rocks those boots like no one else.