dancer drawings exhibit

My exhibit at the ’62 Center in Williamstown, MA
Dancing and drawing are two of my favorite things, and it’s been a joy to combine them in this project. I’ve been auditing Janine‘s ballet classes for several semesters, which has been transformative for me inside and out. While drawing the dancers, I can feel the movements in my own body as I put them down on paper. The water color pieces were done from life, while the more detailed line drawings were done from photographs I took during rehearsals. I wanted to both express movement and capture the beauty of the poses.
Here’s a close-up of my outfit in the bathroom:
 flower dress in bathroom
This dress was originally short and tight– I remade it to fit me better. The shoes were my mom’s. Click on each of the images below to see them larger.


fashion portrait #5: cowgirl boots

 micron pen, walnut ink, colored pencil and brush pen on card stock

My cowgirl boots are my favorite shoes. The ones that make me feel kick-ass. When I need to feel brave and inside I’m really a chicken, I wear my cowgirl boots. They were passed down to me from my mom, who is the cowgirl queen. My sister is the other cowgirl princess and she rocks those boots like no one else.

fashion portrait #4

This is my second fashion portrait of a Whit Stillman character, but I can’t help it! I recently watched “The Last Days of Disco” for the first time, and loved it. I adore pretty much all the outfits in the film, but this red dress Chloe Sevigny (as Alice) wears in the final scene– dancing in the subway car– might be my favorite.

 drawn with ballpoint pen and colored pencil in my small moleskin journal.

Submissions are always open for fashion portrait subjects. Send me a photo– I’ll draw and post it!

fashion portrait #3

  The above drawing is a portrait of today’s Lev Hardware featured fashion ladies: Heidi Brown (on the left) and Olivia Royale (on the right)– the owners of Ithaca’s newest clothing store, The Art and Found.

I met Heidi at The New School. We had a couple dance classes together and lived in the same Brooklyn neighborhood.  Along with memories of waiting for the F train, playing with her dog Otis and going to parties together, I remember Heidi designing and making clothes– pants became skirts, old t-shirts transformed into dresses. Now Heidi has started her own fashion line called Heidalas, and with her business partner, Olivia, they are opening The Art and Found on the Ithaca Commons this August– check out their indie gogo campaign, donation perks start at just $5.

Both the Heidala’s fashion line and The Art and Found are based on the idea of sustainability. Clothes made from recycled materials, supporting local artists, and of course everything is gorgeous and funky. Here are some drawings from photos Heidi sent me from the Heidala’s Fall 2012 line:

 Gorgeous clothes, and so fun to draw!

Want to be featured on Lev Hardware’s fashion portraits? Email me a photo– I’ll draw it and post it!

fashion portrait #1

I’m starting a new regular post of fashion drawings.

This first one is of Greta Gerwig in Damsels in Distress. Damsels is my favorite movie of 2012 so far– it’s the weird girl movie I’d been waiting for, and I danced every night in the projection booth during the dance scenes. And the ladies wear fabulous outfits, especially Greta’s character, Violet, pictured here in a light blue and white striped dress and orchid pink cardigan. Drawn in ballpoint pen.

If you have an outfit you love/look & feel awesome in, email me a photo. Tell me what you love about it, or a story about where the clothes came from. I’ll draw it and post it!