holiday gift sale

Hey guys and gals. I’m sure, like me, you have all started looking for gifts for all the lovely people in your life, and I’d like to suggest browsing Etsy. There’s all sorts of cool, handmade stuff that you can buy directly from artists.

Here’s a link to my Etsy Shop where you’ll see I’ve got plenty of interesting items. For instance, my Movies Are My Religion t-shirt is on sale for only $20 right now! I’ve also got some mini comics, tote bags, and custom art! You can commission a hand-drawn holiday card, a portrait of your cat or favorite human. There are many options.

Thank you for supporting art and artists this holiday season!


working at home

I love Wednesdays. They’re usually my work-at-home day, when I get to spend the whole day writing, drawing, making things…doing my own work. When I lived in San Francisco for a couple months after college, I lived this kind of life: Wake up, breakfast, go for a walk/explore the city, write, draw comics, dinner, watch a movie. Every day was my own. I wanted to see if I could live this life of a professional writer/artist, and if I would enjoy it. I did.

I enjoy my cinema work, too. It gives me a place to get out of my own head, be part of the movie world that I love, have a role in the community. And I’m so grateful to have a “money job” doing something I truly believe in. But I still yearn for the day that I can support myself and my family using my own work.

I’ve worked very hard to get here, to this point of being able to work part-time at a job I like, and have time to do my art work at home. There have been many “money jobs” in my life that I did not believe in so strongly, jobs I dreaded going to. Many morning on the NYC subway I fantasized about not getting off at the right stop, I’d just keep going, have a different day than going into Midtown offices to work as a temp doing things like data entry, refilling coffee in the break room, filling out someone’s Weight Watchers booklet for them, getting yelled at on the phone, getting hit on by older men with photos of their wives right there on their desks. One day, in one particularly depressing office, a man said to me, “I always wanted to be a fashion designer. Then I got a job here and it was just so easy. So I stayed. It’s been twenty years.”

So here I am, living a lovely life, able to pay my portion of the rent and utilities with the money I get paid working at a non-profit art house cinema. And I have time to write stories, make comics and drawings, and even earn a little money from that. I have health insurance. I get enough to eat. I did this, I got myself here. (Of course with the help and support of people who love me, like my parents, who have helped me when I was barely scraping by, and have always supported me emotionally– I know how lucky I am to have this.)

I also know how lucky I am to have a partner who values my work as much as I do. I know this is rare and special. But I’m also saying that I helped make this happen. It didn’t just fall into my lap. This kind of life is totally possible, but you have to make it happen. I make decisions about what is most important to me. I work every day.

When my mom became an artist (well, she was always an artist, but I mean deciding to live a professional artist life), she and I would have conversations about this often. She in her forties and fifties, me in my twenties, both of us at the beginning of our art careers, figuring out how to live, work, love, and be ourselves in the world. Hanging shows together, giving feedback, going to museums, seeing movies, sitting at the table together drinking coffee and drawing.

working at home

Every day, making coffee in Mama’s espresso pot, doing my work, she’s with me. Even when I forget, even when I don’t know it, she’s there.

post – MoCCA

Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table and bought comics! I got to meet some lovely people, make connections, trade comics and just generally have a good exhibiting experience.  Super thanks to Justin and Sophia for hosting us. Special thanks to our table mate Hillary Blair, my buddy across the aisle Jeffrey Lewis, brave chicken Nina Frenkel, and finally John Jennison, the Van Der Jagts, and that little kid in the skull shirt for being my favorite customers.

(and even special-er thanks to Phoebe and Greg for being my people/helpers/support/travel buddies ❤ )

And it was so great to see all my NYC friends!

Some photos from the weekend:

Little sketches I made at MoCCA:

Some stuff I got:

MoCCA Fest 2013!

I’m heading down to the city this weekend for MoCCA Fest!! I’ll be at table C72 with my sister Phoebe and boyfriend Greg.

Comics I will have for sale: Shelf Life #1, #2, #3; Fish Dreams (new edition!); and two brand new cancer mini comics, Hospital Daze and A Little Tune Up.

Come visit us and buy some comics! I will also be doing quick sketch portraits. And we have free stickers!

Here’s a photo of me at the 2008 MoCCA Fest, the first time I ever went. I was a volunteer, and in exchange for labor we got to sell our own comics at the MoCCA table for 2 hours:

mocca fest 2008

(photo by Sean Kelly, of Roy’s Boys)



fish dreams redux

I am re-releasing Fish Dreams! With brand new art by my sister, Phoebe! The new Fish Dreams will premiere at MoCCA Fest 2013 in NYC.

FD-1 Phoebe’s collage-drawings are super beautiful. Get your ticket now, and come visit our exhibitor’s table! Besides Fish Dreams, I’ll also be selling Shelf Life and some new mini comics: Hospital Daze and A Little Tune Up. Hope to see you there!

art reception photos

IMG_0334 Last night was the reception for my current art show at Images Cinema. It was a great turn-out, and three pieces are sold so far! My wonderful sister Phoebe took these photos. I think they give a good impression of the night, and have kind of liveliness to them.


january art show

To start the new year off right, I will be having an art show in the lobby of Images Cinema for the month of January. This group of drawings is called “Interiors,” and many of them will be for sale. Here are some of the pieces that will be in the show:

Spring St Bathroompink water flowersMillie's ChairSpring St Work Space


/ɪnˈtɪər i ər/ [in-teer-ee-er] adjective

1. being within; inside of anything; internal; inner; further toward a center: the interior rooms of a house.
2. of or pertaining to that which is within; inside: an interior view.