november 11

Here are the things I remember about you. There are more than I will say here, but these are some at least, because it’s important. You were the first person I ever fell in love with, and then the only ex who became my true friend. You made really good vanilla milkshakes, and crepes. You had terrible taste in baseball teams. When someone needed you, you were there. When my mom was first diagnosed, you were the only person I wanted to talk to, the only person I called. You understood a lot without talking. You knew the names of so many types of trees– was it 80? You liked Boddingtons (“This beer will change your life”). My whole family loved you. You walked in a certain way that was recognizable from a distance. You had a way of telling stories, a specific way of saying things that wasn’t like anyone else. One time, you made me a bag of all pink Starbursts, resealed the package and everything. You were kind, you loved people, you were a good person. You knew what you wanted. We argued about a lot of things. The last time I saw you I really thought you were going to be okay. You died way too soon. You really liked Eddie Vedder, and chicken cordon bleu. You fought hard. It’s never too late.

Lee Goldsmith was one of the Best People and if you didn’t know him, I’m sorry. Today is his birthday.

I wish I had more pictures. Here is one from a month or so after we broke up in 2003, he came to see me in my last high school play. It wasn’t long after this that we really became friends.

me and lee

I won’t be drinking a Boddingtons tonight (for the obvious reason that I’m pregnant) but Greg will be drinking one for me. Here’s to you, Lee. I miss you every day.


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