pregnancy cravings

15 pregnancy cravings

At the time of this posting I cannot even stand the thought of grape juice. But back then, in late September, there was a day when all I wanted was a giant bottle of grape juice which I could chug until it was empty.

Each day is a completely new day while I’m pregnant, and it’s teaching me to listen closely to my body and to recognize that what feels/tastes good one day, might not feel/taste good the next day. Smokey keeps me in the moment, keeps reminding me that I can’t do everything, that I’m already a different person than I was 14 weeks ago. I’m trying to let go of others’ expectations of me and my expectations of myself. It’s hard rediscovering yourself every day, having no real routine that works, but still having to conform to a routine  (going to work, etc.). The fewer commitments I can have each day the better.

Okay. I might have to go barf now.

belly pic 14 wks


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