How do you like my Roxy wetsuit?

my sister wrote this post about women in the film industry, and it’s really good. read it. i agree with her on all points.


I read this article this morning:

At the Movies, The Women are Gone

Which had a link to this article, which I read directly after:

Does Sofia Coppola Have a Problem with Privilege, Or Do Her Critics? 

This lead me to send a ranting e-mail to my sister, followed by a ranting breakfast with my dad. Don’t feel bad for them, who doesn’t enjoy a good “Phoebe rant”? However, I just feel like I’m not quite done.

The first article highlights the lack of opportunities to view a movie centered around female (or even male and female) characters versus the plethora of movie options centered around only men. The second article gives a good look at the way the majority of movie critics can’t seem to write a review about Sofia Coppola’s movies without directly scrutinizing her for being born into privilege. These articles feel directly related in the sense…

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