Before Midnight

my write-up on Before Midnight.

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Janet and I recently had a conversation about finding enlightenment through love. It’s common to hear about this search for meaning and purpose as a solitary mission: Buddhist monks, for example, or the countless stories of a man or woman going off alone to find truth. These alone journeys and getting to know ourselves without responsibilities to others are very important and, I think, essential for every human. But there is another kind of searching, another kind of enlightenment that is perhaps much harder to find.

This is what Before Midnight is about. The third in the series by Richard Linklater following lovers Jessie and Celine through eighteen years of their relationship. In Before Sunrise we find them at their first meeting, In Before Sunset they find each other again ten years later. In Before Midnight we meet up with them in Greece, eight years after the last movie. They …

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One thought on “Before Midnight

  1. I object! You cannot use me on your Images blog. You are like Jesse in the movie and the girl in your post is not the real Celine. You don’t know what I think!

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