all the things that led me here

intro part 1

intro part 2This is sort of a working introduction to the eventual book of all my cancer comics. What do you guys think?



9 thoughts on “all the things that led me here

  1. Anna,
    I can’ wait to read the rest. I initially was going to be back east the June 22nd through July 7th, but am in the process of changing my plans so I can attend the exhibition. I think about your mom, you, Phoebe and your dad often. Is there a motel that you can recommend? My asst. principal and possibly my sister will be with me. Take care. Love, Michele

    • the kirkside is where gramma and theresa are staying, that’s a good place. thanks michele. look forward to seeing you 🙂

  2. I think it’s a great idea. We just saw an exhibit of Art Speigelmans work and a documentary in Vancouver. He did work about his mothers death and it was cathartic for him.

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