waking up suddenly

Last night during the thunderstorm I woke up several times to the loud crack of lightening and it was one of those nights where my head just kept spinning. It was also a beautiful storm and sometimes I like that kind of fear from the earth being so big and powerful. Earlier in the day I walked home as big heavy raindrops crashed down on me and it felt glorious.

This is a comic I first sketched out in February, when I had a lot of difficulty sleeping. It was just barely less than two months before my mom died.

waking up suddenly

2 thoughts on “waking up suddenly

  1. I love this and I love that Greg.

    You are the best, and every time you make art/go to drawing class/make a comic, you are honoring your Mom’s creativity and art-genius.

    Thank you for sharing, Brave Chicken! You en-courage me in the true sense of the word.

    Your fan, Nina

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