MoCCA Fest 2013!

I’m heading down to the city this weekend for MoCCA Fest!! I’ll be at table C72 with my sister Phoebe and boyfriend Greg.

Comics I will have for sale: Shelf Life #1, #2, #3; Fish Dreams (new edition!); and two brand new cancer mini comics, Hospital Daze and A Little Tune Up.

Come visit us and buy some comics! I will also be doing quick sketch portraits. And we have free stickers!

Here’s a photo of me at the 2008 MoCCA Fest, the first time I ever went. I was a volunteer, and in exchange for labor we got to sell our own comics at the MoCCA table for 2 hours:

mocca fest 2008

(photo by Sean Kelly, of Roy’s Boys)




One thought on “MoCCA Fest 2013!

  1. Anna, you are sooo talented, I am sure your Mama is very proud of you, she and your Dad have done a great job with you and Phoebe, good luck in everything you are doing, Love, your grandma’s life time friend.

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