january art show

To start the new year off right, I will be having an art show in the lobby of Images Cinema for the month of January. This group of drawings is called “Interiors,” and many of them will be for sale. Here are some of the pieces that will be in the show:

Spring St Bathroompink water flowersMillie's ChairSpring St Work Space


/ɪnˈtɪər i ər/ [in-teer-ee-er] adjective

1. being within; inside of anything; internal; inner; further toward a center: the interior rooms of a house.
2. of or pertaining to that which is within; inside: an interior view.

5 thoughts on “january art show

  1. Wow Anna! You’re so talented. Harv and I are going to see Lincoln, so will be able to really enjoy your work up close. You are your mother’s daughter….which is a wonderful thing.
    Love you

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