commissioned portraits

I love drawing people. There’s a special relationship that’s created by studying a person’s face and body language and translating that onto a piece of paper. I feel like a little piece of that person comes through my eyes-brain-hand, taking a part of me with it, living and breathing on the page.

If you’d like to commission a portrait, please contact me at I can work from a photo, or set up an in-person session if you live locally. You will receive the original drawing and a scanned digital file of the image (so you can post it on Facebook, make a unique holiday card or valentine, etc.). I generally work with black, greys and a limited color pallete. I use a combination of pencils, micron pens, ballpoint pens, markers and colored pencils. All portraits are done on bristol board.

If you live locally, you can still get your portrait done by Christmas! For non-locals, I cannot guanratee how long shipping will take. But remember, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner…plus, birthdays, anniversaries, or a gift for yourself. 

Price List (add $3 for shipping)

9 x 12”, from a photo: $25

9 x 12”, in person: $40

4.5 x 6”, from a photo: $15

4.5 x 6”, in person: $30

Here are some examples of portraits I’ve done so you can see my style:

fashion portrait 2A Little Tune Up-1heidalas 1heidi and olivia

TAC holiday card


One thought on “commissioned portraits

  1. I would like to be your customer…..can you use the one of me at True Love Farm in my cowgirl boots? I would like the 9 x 12.

    I have to say that your prices are waaaaay tooooooo low for original art. You are a gifted artist and I know you are also needing to make rent, but if someone gets an original portrait by you, they should count their lucky everything!!!!!!! What a gift!!!!!
    I love your drawings.
    I love YOU even more.

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