in the booth 11 – The Master

On In The Booth episode 11 we discuss The Master, and so much more. It will certainly give you something to talk about.

Also, check out Janet’s post about the movie on the Images Cinema Blog. Who do you think the master is?

3 thoughts on “in the booth 11 – The Master

  1. i have so many comments about this episode:

    for starters:

    1) WHAT DOES ANNA THINK OF THE MOVIE? i must know.
    2) layering seltzer and water?
    3) i want that miss piggy cutout.
    4) my family is adorable.
    5) i detect a hint of subliminal advertising.

    • 1. i hadn’t seen the movie yet when we filmed this. now i have and i still don’t know quite what i think.
      2. she means “mixing” seltzer and water. it’s her new cocktail.
      3. it’s our new donation bin, miss piggybank.

      • i know that layering referred to mixing thank you very much. just- well- seltzer IS water. am i right? so isn’t carbonating the water already doing the job?

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