good news

note: good news does not mean she’s just like she used to be– it does not mean “all better” or “cancer is gone.” it’s a new phase,  with effects from brain radiation and other things to contend with and lots of questions. it’s a process of constant reinvention and redefinition. we’re all in this process, not just mama, but me too, and all of us.

(but it’s still really f-ing good news.)


4 thoughts on “good news

  1. I wasn’t aware of the “less than a year” either, although II knew it must be not be real good with all the new lump findings and some of the tough treatments. I am sooo happy for you, your Mom. and rest of the family that things are looking positive for the moment (stable). She is one strong woman and what an awesome family you all are! May peace be with you all…

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