kitchen drawing

This is a drawing of my new kitchen, in my new studio apartment. It’s the first place I’ve lived in that’s really all mine.

Things I love about my kitchen:

1. It’s really kind of big, especially for a studio. Actually, it might be the biggest apartment kitchen I’ve ever had.

2. The windows, and the evening light they let in. Even the sunset view over the parking lot is beautiful.

3. Yeah, basically everything. it’s an awesome kitchen.

The lease is only for six months, but I have a feeling that these six months are going to be a historic time in my life. An important time of living on my own for the first time after the year with my parents. It’s a very specific feeling. Knowing I am the only one who lives here; I don’t have to worry about anyone else. I may never want to have roommates again.

I love this place, I love everything about it. The size, shape, windows, floors. I love getting up in the morning and making coffee, sitting in the chair by the window in the kitchen and reading while I drink coffee and eat breakfast. Yes, I am in the honeymoon period of my relationship with the apartment, but whatever! “I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!” ~ Buddy the Elf.

What inspired me to draw my kitchen was re-reading Julia Wertz’s Drinking at the Movies and seeing her apartment drawings of all the places she’s lived in New York. I don’t think I’ve ever drawn a place I’ve lived in. I take pictures, but I am not a photographer. Drawing is my art, and documenting my space in that way not only gives me good practice drawing perspective and things that I find difficult like tables and cupboards, but also deepens my relationship with the space and gives me a picture to remember it by which captures how I felt in that space and time.


2 thoughts on “kitchen drawing

  1. This July was the first time I decided to sign a lease on my own too. I lived a few places alone last year but they were always temporary. There is something so wonderful and great to be said about having a space that is all yours to come home too 🙂

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