homemade holiday gifts

I like to make gifts. Birthdays or holidays. I like the feeling of the gift forming in my hands, and giving it to a person I care about. There’s a certain intimacy in giving or receiving something handmade; there’s a certain amount of time and work that goes into it, and it carries a piece of the giver.

More and more people are getting into Etsy shopping, and other online-buying directly from artists. Because the next best thing to a handmade gift you made yourself, is a handmade gift beautifully done by someone else. It’s unique, usually affordable and supports local/small-business artists. You really can’t go wrong. Here are some highlights I’ve come across:

My friend Lauren is part of a group of people at the Loomi company, which sells light kits– you put them together yourself, into any number of beautiful geometric shapes, and then decorate them however you want. Here’s a pic of the one I made:

Isn’t it pretty? And I put it together myself! What a good, proud feeling. There are so many possibilities for how to decorate it. I poked tiny holes in the pieces, and strung paper birds that I made around the outside.

My friend April May makes really adorable prints, greeting cards and more. This Mohawk Theater postcard is one of my favorites, but browse her etsy shop and check out her holiday stuff. You can even put together your own choice of cards for a set, and even create custom greetings.

My current favorite cartoonist, Julia Wertz, is selling some hand drawn panels, as well as all her books (which come with special extras if you buy directly from her).

Gabrielle Bell, another favorite of mine, is drawing portraits of your loved ones from photographs. What a great gift! They are really lovely.

Of course, mini comics by yours truly always make great gifts. Order Shelf Life for your favorite person who hasn’t yet read it. Fish Dreams, however, is currently under construction– new drawings and more– and will hopefully be ready to ship by Valentine’s Day.If you are interesting in ordering something, shoot me an email: annamolev@gmail.com. If you live in NYC (Jim Hanley’s, or Bergen Street Comics), Chicago (Chicago Comics), or Portland, OR (Cosmic Monkey) you can buy them in person.

Also keep your eyes and ears open for a brad new book: Art Bitch vol. 1. Very, very soon.


3 thoughts on “homemade holiday gifts

  1. That lamp is great! And the photograph is great! Or maybe the photograph is great because the lamp is so interesting, or maybe you really are a bit of a photographer!

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