shana show

My best friend (since we were six years old), Shana, has a blog called The Shana Show. Her most recent post is here. I read it today and immediately thought: woah, I’ve been thinking those same things.

Right down to the details of medical world. I, too, had felt the relief of being in a doctor’s care, thinking they would magically make me better. That in a doctor’s office I would always be taken care of and that I could let go of worry. Now I know that doctors are just people doing a job. There is so much they don’t know. Some are kind and caring, some are irritated by your every question, some are in-between. Just like at a store, a gas station, or a restaurant. Doctors are not super-human, they are just human. Humans working at living just like the rest of us.

It warms my heart to know there is a doctor like Shana, who looks at each heart beat as the miracle it is. Who is an artist-doctor– looking at each patient and situation uniquely, adapting to be able to care for that person, specifically.

Shana and I both look for those little things, those small joys and amazing details of every day life. When we were kids we saw invisible friends everywhere, built castles for frogs, and wrote stories about leaves and clovers. We are still those two little girls, looking at our adult lives with that perspective of possibility. And I am so grateful she is my friend.

Speaking of small things:

2 thoughts on “shana show

  1. I think our similar life perspective is what has kept us so close for the past 20 years Anna. I know we don’t talk every day, but I love how we can always talk like we have never taken a break. I hope you know I think about you often. I thought about writing about us in this posting actually! I couldn’t figure out where to add it in…but remember at Smith Elementary when the cafeteria had, “upside down day” and they served our food upside down? And we took it a step further and figured that because it was “upside down day” we should hang upside down on the jungle gym after lunch? That was awesome.
    I also wanted you to know that before I saw this post, during my yoga class, my instructor wanted us to meditate about someone we love who could use some extra light in their lives and dedicate our practice to them. I picked you!
    It makes me so happy that we are so connected, even when we don’t know it!

  2. I also think that the connection you share is a special gift that people don’t get to experience very often. It makes me happy that you enjoy each other so much even though you don’t get to interact as often as you would like. Love you both! You are such beautiful souls. Go spread your light into the world. 😀

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