i love getting published…and other cool things

Well, September is shaping up to be really great, career-wise. I have three new stories coming out in three different publications!

The first is “Night Birds,” in Toasted Cheese Literary Journal.

Second is “A Night in the Park,” in Every Day Fiction, which will be posted on everydayfiction.com on September 25th.

Third is “Fernando” published in the latest issue of Bateau! They are revamping their website right now, so you can’t order the issue online yet, but it should be up and running next week. I will keep you posted. Bateau is such a lovely magazine, with beautiful covers, the perfect small size, created with wind-power and soy ink and recycled paper.

I got the issue in the mail today, and it was very exciting to get the package. Another exciting package was there as well, a sweet care package from my dear friend Diana. New York bagels, Rainforest Alliance chocolate and coffee, skull beads, “Off the Road” by Carolyn Cassidy, and “Drinking at the Movies” by Julia Wertz. Basically my dream care package.

Also, there was free ice cream at the new corner market near my house.

Plus, getting to share all this awesomeness with my mom, dad, and grandma.

What a great day!!!



3 thoughts on “i love getting published…and other cool things

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