The number eleven is an important number for me. It’s two 1s, double independence. 1 side by side with another 1. This is the best way for relationships to work, I think, two independent 1s walking next to each other, instead of combining into a 2. They could go off by themselves, but are constantly making that choice to form an eleven. It’s  not easy. Elevens take a lot of work. I’ve been examining my role in the elevens of my life, and learning about making those choices, cultivating and realizing my own person while respecting and being with others.

As Dolly Parton said: figure out who you are and do it on purpose.

Eleven was the favorite number of a close friend of mine. I can never see an eleven without thinking of him.

I am starting 2011 with a number of new beginnings and decisions. I have started a Budget Notebook, to keep track of my finances – earnings, spendings, savings – and to help me plan for my next move, whatever that may turn out to be. I have started a Movie Notebook, in which I plan to write down every movie I see in the coming year along with a little description of the experience and the ticket stub, if applicable. I have a new job which I have now been at for one month. I am living with my parents, having found a good rhythm and way to be together in this house. I am about to see my sister off on a great journey to South America, not knowing when I will see her next. I’ve just started selling a new book (Fish Dreams). I am halfway through my 26th year of being a person.

Looking back on 2010, the thing I most want to recount as a marker of the year is: What was my favorite movie of 2010? I am having a difficult time answering this question. I wrote down all the movies I could remember seeing this year, and came up with a list of about 50. Perusing the list, nothing really jumps out as the Best Thing I saw. What sticks out in my mind most, is the story of the woman who killed men by dancing with them from Making Plans For Lena, and the new Bruce Springsteen concert documentary Darkness on the Edge of Town. Others that stand out for me are The Secret of Kells, Cave of Forgotten Dreams, and Everyone Else.

My favorite month of 2010 was June.

Favorite new activities I started in 2010: Rock Climbing and Bridge. I’d played Bridge before, but this year it became a real thing for me, and I play as often as I can. Some might call it an obsession. I just call it the best darn card game ever, and if you can’t take the heat, get outta the frying pan.

Favorite new food: mushrooms. Yes, I know, they already existed, but in 2010 I came to love them.

I said goodbye to 2010 with my sister and some friends as we danced hard for 2+ hours, not stopping until 2011 rolled in and we toasted by making snow angels in our underwear. It was the best way to sweat out the old year and welcome the new.

Okay, enough reflection for now. Time to go enjoy the rest of this beautiful Sunday. Let’s go live eleven.


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