making movies

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Some of you already know that I have found my perfect job to be working in a movie theater. As long as I cannot be supporting myself on my own artistic work, I plan to work in movie theaters if at all possible. I worked box office, managed, and now, in my new location, I’m training as a film projectionist. This is a magical job in several ways. First, I am showing movies to people. Somehow, a dark theater + a big screen + a movie = a kind of bliss. At least for me. To be a part of creating this is an honor.

Being a projectionist is also magical because it is the most zen job I have ever had. The more you think about something and stress over it, boom – mistakes happen. Everything is gliding, floating, barely touching yet secure. You have to relax, breathe, be one with the machines. When my body is relaxed and loose I notice that I’m doing just fine and everything is flowing. When I start to worry, tense up: the film gets twisted, I miss a step, cut my hand, drop something. Just do it, don’t overthink, just breathe and float.


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