tuesday july 6th at 4pm.

Hey! All you great people in the Bennington/Williamstown area!

Come to this:

Comic Relief…? Opening Reception & Film Screening

Tuesday, July 6th at 4:00 pm

Comic Relief…? Drawings and comics by Anna Moriarty Lev will be on display in the lobby, July 1 – July 31

The Opening Reception will feature two short films:

En Passant – a film by Georgia Roxon. A French Film Noir starring puppets. Mysterious. Beautiful. Funny. This lovely and special short is the most adorable thing seen this year. 10 minutes. black and white.

Palace Hotel – a film by Dylan Pasture. A beach hotel in the winter off-season. Two guests: a hesitant transvestite and a hesitant woman, bump against each other amidst the cold ocean breezes. 30 minutes. black and white.

There will be refreshments and schmoozing. It’ll be great! Please come and bring your friends! And stay with us afterward for the regularly scheduled 7pm movie. It’s half-price night!



One thought on “tuesday july 6th at 4pm.

  1. Hi Anna,

    The opening reception and film screening were a great success! Your art work on the walls continues to receive accolades and I continue to receive emails from folks enjoying it.

    Congratulations to you and to Georgia and Dylan!


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