summer funnies

See, I told you I’d be blogging more often.

Ok, I’d like to just start by saying that you should probably check out Lena Dunham’s blog, because it’s so fun to read:

She also made a really cool movie called Tiny Furniture which I am going to be seeing on Friday night at BAM CineFest. It will be playing at IFC in the fall, so definitely see it. We were also in a really weird play together in college.

In other news:

I have officially shipped out Shelf Life issues #1 and #2 to Cosmic Monkey in Portland, OR! So, if you live in that area, give it a few days and then go there and buy it! Or, if you already own it, go look at how pretty it is on the shelves and tell you friends to buy it. (As a side note: how great is online shipping? Although I will miss the entertaining long hours of waiting on line at the 10th street post office. I always get some good ideas there.)

Reading recommendations:

Luna Park, I just finished reading this and it is beautiful and amazing.

Black and White, I am still in the middle of this, because it is very long, but it is really great. Especially if you were ever a kid.

Movie recommendations:

Father of my Children – at IFC.

Daddy Longlegs – at IFC

Trust – Netflix it, rent it, buy it on dvd. Trust me.


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