My Daily Art #1

a new series about getting dressed and other important things.

Usually, I enjoy getting dressed. Of course, there are those days of frustration and fashion co-dependency, but I am always searching for that Over-all Feeling of Balance. This same Balance is what I search for in my art, relationships, and all aspects of my life.

This series will be discussing the Daily Arts which we all encounter: getting dressed, eating, and decorating our surroundings.

outfit #1

Considerations for today:


comfort level

Most of the day was spent in my pajamas working at home. Because I spend so much time in pajamas, I like to wear cute ones, like this matching men’s set purchased in Chinatown by my mother. I also sported a long-sleeve grey cardigan and my gemini pin (made by yoko kikuchi).

This Feeling of Balance is the feeling you have when, in the perfect outfit, you stroll down the street feeling proud, beautiful, and anxiety-free. In the perfect outfit you are not even aware of your clothes. I think we all try to achieve this, whether conciously or not, and I find myself observing and taking note of what other people are wearing. Sometimes I see something so Right On that I exclaim inside, “Oh that’s IT!” while other times I may see something that could be just right if only for a few minor changes. However, the Feeling is very personal and individual. No one can decide for anyone else what is the right thing to wear. What is right for me may be completely off-course for someone else. In this section I do not aim to tell people what to wear or not to wear. I am merely discussing an idea that interests me, and may interest others. I am talking about my own feelings about clothes and what I wear and how it affects my daily life. I really do feel it is an art, as is every part of how we live our lives. Something my sister said once is that her art is her life; not something specific that she does or makes, but just how she lives her life every day. This is what I remind myself of when I am feeling down or stressed.

Happy art and see you next time.


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