the end of something…the beginning of something else.

i'm young and in flannel

This is a photo my aunt Theresa took of me when I was little. Age seven, maybe? It’s sitting in a box of stuff to hang on the walls. I just moved and am feeling a very “something has passed” kind of feeling. Also feeling that I have too much stuff. My cat is alternately hiding and exploring.

Speaking of photographs, I am directing a reading of my one-act play, “The Photograph” in a production by The Mekka Collective ( Matthew Klein will also be directing a reading of his play, “Deep Cuts.” This staged reading night will be taking place on Saturday, March 14th at 6pm @ the Arthur Selen Theater at the Drama Book Shop, 250 W. 4oth Street, NY, NY. So put on your Saturday night outfit and come check it out!


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