a request

My very good friend Lee Goldsmith is really sick right now with melanoma, and needs all the positive energy he can get. Everyone please think healing thoughts. He is one of the most wonderful people on this earth and he is going to get better.

In Lee’s honor I am posting a link to Spring Training Online. Get ready for baseball season! He loves the Red Sox. I root for the Yankees (and the Rockies).


Thank you.





2 thoughts on “a request

  1. Anna!

    I’m sending up those positive vibes, babe! I’m gonna conjure up all the red velvet cupcakes and all the sweet tea and all the southern drawls from this glorious sticky place (Savannah), and I’m gonna wrap them up in a Robin’s Egg blue (like you would find painting on the ceilings of the porches down here) ribbon and send them up to Lee in Vermont.

    Also, my roommate got me tickets to see the Red Sox this summer and I’m trying to get tickets for Spring Training.

    How are you? You look marvelous and happy and that makes me marvelous and happy.

    Congrats on everything with your comics! Look at you. Make that fruit salad, now. haha.

  2. Positive Vibes are being thunk in Lee’s direction.

    Positive Vibes are also being thunk in the Red Sox’s direction. (They’re… sort of over thataway, right?)

    Unfortunately, and apologies in advance, No Positive Vibes are being thunked towards the Yankees. (The Rockies are okay, though. Yaaay, Colorado.)

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